5 Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon (plus a bonus tip)

January 4, 2021

Feeling the pressure to plan an epic honeymoon, but have no idea where to start? Check out these 5 helpful tips (plus one bonus tip just for you)!

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Let’s face it…one of the best things about getting married is the honeymoon! Planning your wedding can be a wee bit stressful, so you most definitely deserve an unforgettable honeymoon to ease away all that stress!

I know planning a honeymoon can seem overwhelming. Choosing where to go, getting on the same page as your fiancé, figuring out how much to spend and so on. 

Don’t stress over the honeymoon planning! Here are 5 tips for planning your honeymoon. You’ll be relaxing in a hammock on a perfect beach before you know it!

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Tip #1: Define Your Ideal Honeymoon

Talk to your fiancé about what you each envision for your honeymoon. For example, do you see yourselves lounging on a beautiful beach and having tasty umbrella drinks delivered at your beck and call? Do you want a more active and adventurous honeymoon? Think you’re the type to rarely leave the room on your honeymoon?

Come up with your perfect vision. On different pages when it comes to your perfect honeymoon? Not a problem, you can almost always find a destination that will appeal to both of you! Once you have a clear vision of your ideal honeymoon, you can share this with your travel agent, who will know exactly where you should go!

Tip #2: When Do You Want to Go?

Let’s talk about timing. When do you want to take your honeymoon? Traditionally, you would leave within a day or 2 of your wedding. But it’s 2021 and we’re all about bucking traditions! Here are some things to consider when choosing a date for your honeymoon:

Keep it traditional & honeymoon right after the wedding. Hey, there’s a reason this is the most popular option. Weddings are stressful & you’ll want to decompress. I always recommend waiting at least a couple of days after your wedding ceremony before jumping on a plane and heading to paradise.

But there are some reasons to consider an alternate date.

First and foremost, what is the weather like in your chosen destination? If you have your heart set on romantic Italy and the Amalfi Coast, then a Winter honeymoon probably isn’t in the cards and you’ll want to delay your honeymoon until the warmer Summer months.

Have your heart set on a pricey overwater bungalow in Bora Bora, but finding yourself cash-strapped after the wedding? This is another very valid reason for delaying your honeymoon.

Sometimes work/life schedules just don’t work out for honeymooning right after your wedding. You could be a great candidate for an Earlymoon! More and more couples are choosing to destress before the wedding. Love it!

Tip #3: How Much Should You Spend on Your Honeymoon?

There’s no simple answer to this question. Every couple is different. Don’t compare what you’re comfortable spending with what your friends spent. And definitely don’t compare yourself to those Instagram influencers!

Most couples do consider their honeymoon a once-in-a-lifetime, splurge-worthy experience, so typically the honeymoon budget is higher than what you’d spend on an average vacation.

Obviously your budget is going to be the most limiting factor when it comes to where you go, how long you stay and how much you splash out on your accommodations and activities. So you need to set realistic expectations and may need to revisit your ideal honeymoon vision if you don’t have the budget to match. Hey, you can always store that ideal vision away for a milestone anniversary trip down the road!

If you want some basic guidelines on how much certain destinations cost, be sure to read Beach Honeymoon Ideas for Every Budget.

Again, you’ll want to sit down with your fiancé and come up with a honeymoon budget you can agree upon. Here at KP Travel Group we love all-inclusive resorts for honeymoons because you truly can set a realistic budget and stick to it. You don’t have to stress over ordering the surf & turf for dinner b/c it’s all included!

But if you’re not going all-inclusive, then be sure to think about all those added expenses such as dining, drinks, excursions, transportation, and gratuities. The last thing you want to do on your honeymoon is stress out over money issues!

Tip #4: Passports and Name Changes

This is one of the questions I get asked a lot. Should you change your name on your passport before your honeymoon? Generally, the answer is going to be no. Unless you’re delaying your honeymoon until after the wedding for 6+ months, you’ll be using your passport with your maiden name. Just be sure to book your travel in your maiden name (exactly as it currently appears on your passport).

Even if you’ve already legally changed your name by the time you travel for your honeymoon, it’s no big deal to still use your maiden name for airline tickets and hotel reservations. I even have clients that have been married for 5+ years and still book their travel in their maiden names since they didn’t want the hassle of renewing their passport until it expired.

So it’s all very simple: Just make sure you always book your travel using the name found on your current passport.

Tip #5: Get Your Free Honeymoon Perks!

You’re celebrating! And most resorts will want to celebrate you and your recent nuptials. Many resorts have complimentary honeymoon amenities such as breakfast in bed, a romantic private dinner on the beach, a couples massage, etc. 

We always make a note when making a reservation if our clients will be celebrating their honeymoon. Then when you check in at your resort, you’ll need to show them a copy of your marriage certificate or wedding invitation.

Some resorts do have a limit on how recently you got married to take advantage of these perks and you often have to travel within 30 days of getting married. Just check the fine print to be sure.

Bonus Tip: Work with an Awesome Travel Agent

I mean, I had to throw that one in there. But, this is really one of the best things you can do when planning your honeymoon. Have some discussions with your fiancé about the first 3 tips and then contact a professional travel advisor. Your travel agent will be impressed that you’ve already done some of the hard work to answer those questions and will have some amazing options for you to review. 

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing you’ve got someone advocating for you. If this is your first time traveling outside the country your travel advisor will make sure you’re prepped and ready to go. If you run into any flight cancellations or delays your travel advisor will jump in to get you reaccommodated.

And you might just get a few surprises along the way during your honeymoon. Your travel agent wants you to have the most amazing experience possible and we love reaching out to our professional contacts within the destinations to make sure you’re getting the extra special treatment you deserve!

Ready to start planning your dream honeymoon? I’d love to help! Just schedule your free consultation at a time that’s convenient for you. Let’s get you to paradise!!

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