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before proceeding, do any of these scenarios apply to you?

Are you using a debit card?

Most debit cards have daily charge limits. Depending on your bank, this limit may be as low as $500.
Please confirm the daily charge limit with your bank prior to submitting a large debit card payment. If you attempt to charge over your daily limit, your card will be declined.

does your passport expire within six months of your travel date?

A passport is required for international travel, including for children & babies. Many countries require that passports be valid for six months AFTER RETURN DATE OF TRAVEL. If you have additional questions, please contact me.

are you pregnant or planning to become pregnant?

Pregnancy Restrictions: Some trips have restrictions for pregnant travelers. For example, cruise lines will not board a passenger after her 24th week of pregnancy. Ask me for more details

Travel Insurance and Pregnancy: Please read the coverage info carefully. In many policies, pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition and is not a covered cancellation reason. In this case, you may want to consider "Cancel for Any Reason" coverage, an optional upgrade.

are you traveling with a child without both biological parents present?

Children under 18 years of age not traveling with both parents or legal guardian(s) may need to present a notarized letter from the absent parent/guardian granting permission to travel outside the United States. This letter should also authorize the adult to provide emergency medical care if necessary.

Please refer to this website for more information and sample letters:

have you ever been convicted of a felony?

You may not clear customs if you have been convicted of a felony. Please contact your attorney to review the specifics of your case.

have you ever been convicted of a dui/dwi?

If you are traveling to Canada and have been convicted of a DUI or DWI you will likely not be admitted to the country.

A DUI/DWI is a felony in Canada and entrance to non-residents is tightly controlled. Please contact your attorney to learn more.

do you owe back child support?

You may be detained at customs if you owe child support. Please contact your attorney to discuss prior to payment.

proceed with reservation

proceed with reservation

Did you know that most US health insurance plans, Medicare and your credit card DO NOT provide medical coverage outside the United States? If you're leaving the country without travel insurance then you're taking a HUGE risk.

• Two days before your vacation an immediate family member unexpectedly passes away
• Right before the trip you have an appendicitis, break your leg, come down with the flu, etc
• Your employer revokes your vacation time, or even worse you are laid off
• You’re enjoying your vacation when one evening you trip and fall and need medical attention
• Your flight is cancelled because the incoming plane is stuck in a city experiencing a snowstorm

In other words…stuff happens. Travel insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Travel insurance is typically based upon your total trip cost, state of residence and traveler age.

Select YES on the reservation form to receive a QUOTE for this important protection.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. We need to talk. That is NOT why you purchase travel insurance. Remember, insurance exists to cover the UNEXPECTED. Let's consider some situations.

"I don't need travel insurance because I'm definitely not cancelling this trip."

do i need travel insurance?

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